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BOBA Stakepool RPi Config Notes!

Welcome to the BOBA Stakepool. The BOBA pool is a stakepool on the Cardano network. This repo is intended to help others configure and setup their own stakepools. My infrastructure is a combination of bare metal server and low cost/low power Raspberry Pi nodes. The end goal is to migrate the entire BOBA Stakepool to low power processing. To help others build their own low cost/low power setups, I’ve documented this guide.

If you decide you just want to stake your ADA rather than run a stakepool, please consider BOBA as your partner for staking your ADA.


  • Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB RAM
  • High endurance SLC microSD card (i.e. SanDisk SDSDQED-032G-XI)
  • Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 for ARM based achitectures

1. Setup Ubuntu

  • Download the Ubuntu Server from here
  • Install the image onto the microSD card. There are lots of ways to accomplish this. to change the .iso file extension to .img
    • I use Win32 Disk Imager:
    • Keep in mind you need to change the file extention name from .iso to .img. Select the image and drive location, then select write.
  • Once complete place the microSD into your Raspberry Pi and power it up.

2. Update and upgrade Ubuntu:

sudo apt update -y
sudo apt upgrade -y

3. Install dependencies and setup folders:

sudo apt install libsodium-dev build-essential pkg-config libffi-dev libgmp-dev libssl-dev libtinfo-dev libsystemd-dev zlib1g-dev make g++ tmux git jq wget libncursesw5 llvm haskell-platform -y
mkdir -p $HOME/.local/bin
mkdir $HOME/git
echo PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" >> $HOME/.bashrc
echo export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" >> $HOME/.bashrc

4. Install ghc-8.6.5:

cd ~
tar -xf ghc-8.6.5-aarch64-ubuntu18.04-linux.tar.xz
rm ghc-8.6.5-aarch64-ubuntu18.04-linux.tar.xz
cd ghc-8.6.5
sudo make install
rm -r ghc-8.6.5

5. Build Cabal 3.2.0 (beware this takes a long time)

cd ~
tar -xf cabal-install-
rm cabal-install-
cd cabal-install-
cabal update
cabal install --installdir=$HOME/.local/bin
rm -r cabal-install-

6. Install cardano-node and cardano-cli from source (make sure to update cabal twice)

cd $HOME/git
git clone
cd cardano-node
git fetch --all
git checkout tags/1.21.1
cabal clean
cabal udpate
cabal update
sed -i $HOME/.cabal/config -e "s/overwrite-policy:/overwrite-policy: always/g"
cabal build all
sudo cp $(find $HOME/git/cardano-node/dist-newstyle/build -type f -name "cardano-cli") ~/.local/bin/cardano-cli
sudo cp $(find $HOME/git/cardano-node/dist-newstyle/build -type f -name "cardano-node") ~/.local/bin/cardano-node
cardano-node --version
cardano-cli --version

7. More to come…